Urban Development Policy and Strategic Master Plan of São Paulo


This Law provides for the Urban Planning System of the whole territory of São Paulo. This document contains 393 articles that articulate the set plans and actions which aim to fulfill the comprehensive development of the social functions of the city as well as support the utilization of the socially just, ecologically balanced and diversified territory in order to ensure the well-being and quality of life of its inhabitants. This legislation indicates that it itself, should consider the provisions of plans and national as well as state laws relating to political urban development, including sanitation, housing, mobility and spatial planning, and policy environment. Moreover, the policy aims to coordinate actions related to urban initiative development of the public and private sectors, integrating them with the various sectoral programs aimed at streamlining and modernizing government action. This Law also repeals Law No. 13.430 of 2002.

Country: Brazil
Statute Number: 16.050
Year: 2014
Keywords: City, Development, Planning