Urban Agriculture Promotion and Regulation Act


The Act seeks to promote and regulate urban agricultural land uses within the Nairobi City County. The Act specifies the definition of urban agriculture, such that agricultural land uses includes cultivating land for animal husbandry, aquaculture, food production, and market gardens. The objectives of the Act are to empower people and institutions to engage in agricultural land uses for subsistence and commercial purposes to contribute to urban food security, develop food value chains and create employment, while protecting food safety and public health. The Act prioritizes the residents of high density and informal settlements, with limited land, employment and resource capital. Furthermore, the act seeks to institutionalize administrative procedures for access to agricultural resources including organic waste.

The Act stipulates that inclusion of urban agriculture in the land use planning, food policy, and zoning procedures. It calls on the County Government to implement the objectives of the Act. The Executive Committee Member shall incorporate urban agriculture into the National Urban Areas and Cities Act by identifying areas for expansion and deepening of agriultural activities in the County. They shall also facilitate the training of sustainable farming practices, ensure funding for urban agriculture programs, and promote standards and regulations for livestock and crop production systems.

Country: Kenya
Statute Number: 4
Year: 2015