City of Johannesburg Public Art Policy



This Policy aims to not only promote good management of public art in Johannesburg but also to encourage new forms of creative expression, create opportunities for artists, and to provide for the ongoing maintenance of public art.  This policy intends to further the mandate of the City of Johannesburg’s Art in Public Places Programme by identifying role-players and prescribing procedures to be employed in launching and implementing this programme.  

The overall objective of this policy is to:

  1. Enhance the public urban environment and profile the image of the city through an on-going and dynamic programme of public art;
  2. Increase public awareness and enjoyment of the visual arts; and
  3. Stimulate the creation of new works and the growth of arts-related businesses within the city.

In line with this, this Regulation sets up the Public Art Approvals Committee which is mandated to:

  1. Review and advise on all proposed artwork gifts and donations to the City;
  2. Review and advise on public art projects implemented by the City;
  3. Advise staff on the operation of a maintenance programme for public art; and
  4. Encourage the development of public-private partnerships for public art

Finally, this Policy establishes the Johannesburg Public Art Fund which will be used exclusively for expenses relating to the Johannesburg Art in Public Places Programme, including the administration, selection, commissioning, acquisition, maintenance and relocation of works of art.

Country: South Africa
Statute Number:
Year: 2000