Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment Act


This Constitution declares Zimbabwe as a unitary, democratic and sovereign Republic. Chapter 2 of this document contains the national objectives which call for good governance as well as national unity, peace and stability. Chapter 4 contains the fundamental human rights and freedoms which include the environmental rights, rights to agricultural land, right to adequate shelter, right to health care as well as the right to sufficient food and safe, clean and potable water. Chapters 5, 6 and 8 elaborate the functions of the three arms of government; Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary respectively.

Chapter 14 prescribes the provincial and local government authorities and among them are the urban and rural local authorities. Urban local authorities are to be managed by councils composed of councilors elected by registered voters in the urban areas concerned and presided over by elected mayors or chairpersons. These urban local authorities have been mandated with twin powers:

  1. To make by-laws, regulations or rules for the effective administration of the areas for which they have been established;
  2. To levy rates and taxes and generally to raise sufficient revenue for them to carry out their objects and responsibilities.

This Constitution amends the Constitution of Zimbabwe (1980).

Country: Zimbabwe
Statute Number: 20
Year: 2013