The Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania


This Law is the supreme law of the Sovereign United Republic of Tanzania which governs the area of mainland Tanzania and the whole area of Zanzibar including its territorial waters. Chapter One (Part II) of this document contains the fundamental objectives and directive principles of State policy. Part III contains the basic rights and duties including; the right to equality, right to work and the right to own and defend one’s property.

Chapter Two contains the framework for the executive arm of government which explains the functions of the President, Vice President and the Cabinet. Chapter Three elucidates the authority and the legislative power of Parliament. It also contains the functions and duties of elected Members of Parliament as well as the Electoral Commission and the Speaker of National Assembly.

Chapter Four contains the governance structure for Zanzibar which includes the; Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar (Executive arm), the Zanzibar Revolutionary Council and the House of Representatives of Zanzibar. Finally, Chapter Eight deals with the establishment of government authorities in regions, districts, urban areas as prescribed by law enacted by Parliament or the House of Representatives. Essentially, all local authorities are mandated to involve the public in planning and implementation of development programmes within their respective areas.

Country: Tanzania, United Republic of
Statute Number: Cap. 2
Year: 1977