Constitution of the Kingdom of Swaziland


This Constitution declares Swaziland as a unitary, sovereign and democratic Kingdom. Chapter II of this document contains the protection and promotion of fundamental rights and freedoms which include: the right to life; equality before the law; rights and freedoms of women, children and persons with disabilities. Chapter V deals with the directive principles of State policy that require, inter alia, the State, in the conduct of public affairs, to be guided  by  the  principle  of decentralization and devolution of governmental functions so as to enable the electorate to manage and direct their own affairs.

Chapters VI, VII and VIII elaborate the functions of the three arms of government; Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary respectively. Chapter IX establishes the National Consolidated Fund which contains all revenues and other monies raised for the purpose of the government of Swaziland. Finally, Chapter XII contains the general provisions on the management of land, minerals, water and the environment whereas Chapter XIII establishes and defines the duties, powers and management structure of local government authorities.

Country: Swaziland
Statute Number: 001
Year: 2005