Constitution of Lesotho


This Constitution declares Lesotho as a sovereign and democratic kingdom. Chapter II of this document contains the protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms which include the right to life, right to participate in government and the right to equality before the law. Chapter III deals with the principles of state policy such as the protection of the environment, women, children and young persons. Chapters VI, VII and XI elaborate the functions of the three arms of government; Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary respectively. Finally, Chapter IX deals with land management whereas Chapter X contains provisions on management of government expenditure.

This Constitution repeals Part II of the Lesotho Citizenship Order (1971); the Human Rights Act (1983); the Judicial Service Commission Act (1983); and Sections 8-12, 15 and 24 of the Finance Order (1988).

Country: Lesotho
Statute Number:
Year: 1993