Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act


This Law aims to provide for a uniform, effective and comprehensive system of spatial planning and land use management for the Republic as well as redress past imbalances to ensure equity in the application of spatial development planning. This Act contains the development principles which include the principle of spatial sustainability, whereby spatial planning and land use management systems must promote land development in locations that are sustainable and limit urban sprawl so as to engender communities that are viable.

Chapter 4 deals with spatial development frameworks which has provisions in relation to the preparation and content of all spatial plans which include; national, provincial, regional and municipal spatial plans. Chapter 5 deals with land use management which has provisions with regards to the land use scheme which is required to promote the inclusion of affordable housing in residential land development. Finally, Chapter 6 establishes the Municipal Planning Tribunals which determines land use and development applications within its municipal area.

This Act repeals the Removal of Restrictions Act (1967); Physical Planning Act (1967); Less Formal Township Establishment Act (1991); Physical Planning Act (1991); and Development Facilitation Act (1995).

Country: South Africa
Statute Number: 16
Year: 2013