Communal Land Rights Act


This Act provides for the legal security of tenure of community land as well as the juristic personality of a registered community. This Law also prescribes the process for the making and amendment of community rules, conduct of any enquiry on land rights and the establishment of the Land Administration Committee. This Committee is mandated to continuously liaise with the relevant municipality, Board and any other institution concerning the provision of services and the planning and development of the communal land of the community.

Similarly, this Act establishes the Land Rights Board which is required to advise the Minister as well as the community with regard to matters concerning sustainable land use and ownership, land development and the provision of access to land on an equitable basis. Moreover, this document contains provisions relating to the laws governing the KwaZulu-Natal Ingonyama Trust Land and the functions of the Ingonyama Land Rights Board for KwaZulu-Natal. Finally, this Law contains general provisions on the process of land acquisition by the Minister, provision of municipal services and development infrastructure on communal land and a list of punishable offences and penalties.

This Act repeals various laws which are contained in a tabular list under the Schedule. The third column elaborates the extent of each amendment and/or repeal.

Country: South Africa
Statute Number: 11
Year: 2004